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AP Central All-District Football teams named


First team offense
Receivers–Jerome Buckner (Columbus Academy) 5-9, 150, fr.; Jake Stewart (Centerburg) 5-11, 165, sr. Tight end–Jack Mills (Columbus Academy) 6-1, 190, sr. Linemen–Reed Clark (Columbus Academy) 6-4, 215, sr.; Connor Cooley (Madison Plains) 6-3, 265, sr.; Andrew Fissell (Northmor) 6-1, 290, sr.; Michael Schmitt (Centerburg) 6-3, 215, sr.; Caleb Snyder (Fredericktown) 6-0, 235, sr. Quarterback–Austin Hathaway (Fredericktown) 6-1, 175, sr. Backs–Travis Chaffin (Madison Plains) 5-9, 165, sr.; Brenden Knox (Ready) 6-0, 190, so.; Lane Foster (Northmor) 6-1, 200, sr. Kicker–Sterling Armstrong (Centerburg) 6-1, 160, so.

First team defense
Linemen–Jimmy Carpenter (Fairbanks) 6-1, 220, sr.; Nick Cavinee (Newark Catholic) 6-6, 220, jr.; Reece Craker (Centerburg) 5-11, 215, sr.; Grant Varner (Grandview) 6-3, 235, sr. Linebackers–Rhodes Jump (Grandview) 5-10, 215, jr.; Alvin Knox-Steed (Ready) 5-10, 210, sr.; Trey Williams (Cardington) 6-1, 221, jr.; Mitch Willis (Newark Catholic) 6-1, 190, sr. Backs–Luke Ceneviva (Newark Catholic) 6-0, 175, sr.; Cole Hess (Cardington) 5-11, 150, sr.; Jeremy Sesma (Centerburg) 5-11, 170, sr.; John Vallery (Madison Plains) 6-0, 160, jr. Punter–Connor Lancia (Ready) 6-1, 190, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Austin Hathaway (Fredericktown)
Defensive player of the year: Grant Varner (Grandview)
Coach of the year: Brian Baum (Fredericktown)

Second team offense
Receivers–Jack Iannarino (Fairbanks) 5-10, 160, so.; Zack Maust (Berne Union) 6-2, 175, sr. Linemen–Curtis Quimby (Fairbanks) 6-3, 225, sr.; Thomas Stanley (Grandview) 6-0, 220, jr.; Marcus Stone (Ready) 6-0, 230, jr.; Luke Treasure (Grandview Heights) 6-2, 220, jr.; Anthony Tucker (Centerburg) 6-2, 170, sr.  Quarterback–John Rings (Centerburg) 6-1, 170, sr. Backs–Jake Farley (Northmor) 5-7, 155, jr.; Tyler Ruhl, (Fredericktown) 5-9, 185, sr.; Seth Stock (Ready) 5-11, 165, sr. Kicker–Sam Tuckerman (Columbus Academy) 6-2, 200, jr.

Second team defense
Linemen–Kyle Krownapple (East Knox) 6-0, 190, jr.; Brian Lambright (Worthington Christian) 6-3, 320, sr.; Jacob Lloyd (Fredericktown) 6-0, 195, sr.; Austin Yeater (Northmor) 5-9, 180, sr. Linebackers–JaVahn Iverson (Columbus Academy) 6-0, 225, sr.; Justin Jacobs (East Knox) 5-10, 190, sr.; Wes Jurden (Newark Catholic) 6-0, 200, jr.; Colton Lybarger (Fredericktown) 5-10, 195, sr. Backs–Derek Bielecki (Newark Catholic) 5-9, 160, sr.; Brendan Mapes (Centerburg) 5-10, 185, sr.; Tristin Siemer (Ready) 5-10, 165, fr.; Trace Young (Fredericktown), 6-1, 175, sr. Punter–Brad Robbins (Worthington Christian), 6-0, 165, so.

Special mention
Ben Dahl (Columbus Academy); Dominic Francis (Worthington Christian); Hanson Holter (Berne Union); Joe Pinney (Grandview); Andre Readey (Grandview); Leo Readey (Grandview); Tyson Sloan (Fairbanks); Dillon Smith (Fredericktown); Eli Williams (Madison Plains).

Honorable mention
Jacob DeRoads (Fairbanks); Devin Draper (Berne Union); Devin Fridley (Cardington); Zach Hill (East Knox); Chase Jackson (Fredericktown); Ben Jump (Grandview); Zach Kent (Newark Catholic); Daniel Kill (Cardington); Nick Maupin (Grandview); Luke McCarrell (Cardington); Matt McDaniel (East Knox); Braxton McQueen (Fredericktown); Austin Miller (Newark Catholic); Bishop Reese (Berne Union); Alex Tucker (Worthington Christian); Zach Tumbleson (Fredericktown); Jake Vallery (Madison Plains); Matt Watters (Columbus Academy).

Playoff information

Breaking Belpre down

It was a long weekend while the Ohio High School Athletic Association completed the final week 10 standings and prepared the statewide tournament brackets. Equally long was the amount of time in researching the Freddies opponent for week 11. With the numbers in, the points tallied, the number one seeded Fredericktown Freddies pair up against the Belpre Golden Eagles. The first round of playoffs that was earned by the Freddies will be hosted at Fredericktown Stadium on Friday night, November 7 at 7:30pm.

Belpre is a member of the Tri-Valley Conference – Hocking Football and hails from about as far in Southeast Ohio as you get. Directly across the river from Parkersburg, West Virginia they will have quite the long day traveling to take on the Freddies. They finished with an 8-2 record with their losses coming in weeks two and four, and have outscored their opponents 301-175 over the course of ten weeks. This is their first trip to the playoffs since 2007 and just their second trip this far since 1988.

The Golden Eagles have many athletes playing on both sides of the ball, something that Fredericktown has felt the pain from in previous years. Friday night will be a huge numbers game as they have fielded a team of just 27 with one senior athlete. Regardless, this opponent cannot be overlooked.

Belpre got some attention in the preseason as a team with JJHuddle.compicking them as a team to watch, but at the individual level they had two honorable mentions in #2 Tavian Miller (5-11, 175lb junior QB) and #9 Manny Tullius (5-9, 160lb senior RB). Most noteably, those two received All-Ohio Honorable mentions the last two years.

The Golden Eagles have solid running game that has proved to be a huge challenge for their competition throughout the season and will no doubt keep the Freddie defense working hard. Belpre has accumulated 2690 yards on 479 carries and been able to overpower all but one of their opponents this season on the ground. The rush will be a huge threat that Fredericktown needs to see and make adjustments early on to stop the attack. A key back that they need to watch and contain is senior star Manny Tullius who has racked up an outstanding 1562-yards on 188 carries with 17 touchdowns. In their Friday night matchup against Waterford it pushed the senior over 3,500 career rushing yards. If the Freddies lose Tullius in the pack its going to look more like a cross country meet than a football game. Contributing to the rush that need recognized also is Miller that is more than comfortable calling his own number when needed. Matthew Colvin and Deijon Bedgood have also made noticeable impacts on the ground.

With that said, the passing game from the Golden Eagles isn’t slacking by any means with quarterback Tavian Miller slinging it with 45 completions on 95 attempts for 894-yards and nine touchdowns. His favored standout receiver is Deijon Bedgood with 14 receptions for 409-yards and five touchdowns, but Josh Moore and Manny Tullius have made good on their offensive roles.

For kickoff returns you are going to most likely find Manny Tullius or Deijon Bedgood back to return for Belpre. Look out for the two, if Fredericktown can’t squeeze them quick and bring them down the field is going to quickly shorten. Tullius has returned the ball 16 times for 550-yards and four touchdowns.

Notably, penalties are something that the Golden Eagles have had issues with throughout the season, totaling 92 for 920-yards.

Nathan Mason, Andrew Klinger, Eric Worstell, and Matthew Colvin are toward the top of the pack on tackles with the information we obtained. For the Freddies however the threat to Austin Hathaway and his passing game will be Golden Eagle Trent McCoy who has picked off six interceptions this season.

Freddies look for words to describe 10-0 season

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the Fredericktown Freddies as they have went week to week with a variety of challenges with the will to overcome what was left on the field in 2013.  With the high of the victory still upon them, I took to the locker room to talk with several from the team on Friday night to get their feeling about what has transpired since they came together this year.

“It’s just unbelievable.  These guys, they’re like none other, they’re the best teammates you could ever ask for,” said senior Chase Jackson.  “Austin is a great double threat, our offensive line gets it done, our defensive line gets it done, our secondary gets it.  It’s just unbelievable.”

“It feels good.  We haven’t done this since 2010 and we’ve struggled for a couple years, but this feels really good, especially my senior year,” added Matt Giffin.

Community support is one thing that you can’t help feel on a Friday night in Fredericktown Stadium or wherever the Freddies are taking to the field.  The feeling is recognized and felt deeply by those wearing those jerseys on the sideline to know that the fans feel strong about their success.

“It’s a great thing to have so many different people from the community telling us we are some special players.  It’s a great thing to know that we are one of the elite Fredericktown Teams,” said senior Austin Hathaway.

It took more than just putting the right plays together on the field and was far more than just the X’s and O’s this year that helps the Freddies along the way.  It took growing.  Growing together and building bonds in the off-season and throughout ten weeks of football helped them to get that extra boost and that “extra player” on the field that pushed them.

“All of us have good attitudes and we came together.  We’re a big family right now and we all love each other,” said Hathaway.  “We may our little fights here and there but we all love each other.”

Coming together, family, team, teamwork, and a variety of other phrases that describe what many Fredericktown athletes feel has happened to them in 2014.

“I think this year we’re more of a team.  We’re closer together than the three past years and we’ve came together as a team,” said Giffin.

Feelings of joy and excitement don’t just stop with the senior class, but go right on up to the top of the coaching staff with Head Coach Brian Baum just beaming with excitement as he sat down in the office to recap the night and the season.

“I really enjoy Fredericktown and the community, the football guys I work with, and the staff.  To be able to give them the 10-0 two times in five years is a phenomenal feeling for myself because of the pride that I have for the community,” said Coach Baum.

Looking forward to week 11, on Friday night there were so many unknowns to the team as they wondered whom they would match up against.  To senior Chase Jackson however one of the unknowns that left him most excited was within his own team.

“We still have a lot of unknowns about ourselves that we haven’t found out and that’s what makes us that much more dangerous and makes it fun,” said Jackson.

Some of those unknowns were answered on Sunday when the OHSAA released the official final standings along with the regional tournament brackets.  With the Freddies in at a solid number one seed, they matched up against the number eight, Belpre Golden Eagles.  That coveted number one spot is just another goal and benchmark to a successful season at Fredericktown that adds to the pride.

“I am excited getting these kids a taste of this and hopefully its and extended taste of what this is all about.  It’s just a magical time.  My biggest excitement is going in as the number one seed and I take a lot of pride in that,” said Coach Baum.

VIDEO – Highlights

So the highlight videos this season have had quite the following from the looks of the statistics on Facebook and the comments we are getting back.  However with all this technology out there, sometimes we miss making sure everyone is seeing what the Freddies are doing this football season.  The last of the highlight videos have made their way over to YouTube this morning and can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

The goal of these videos wan’t just to be press box overview video, or to be one single angle of the game, but give you that game day feeling and bring you things that you don’t always get in the stands.  Having covered high school action and plenty of Collegiate level events since 2004 I’ve worked with some of the best and it left me inspired to change some of what was being put out for our local sports.  High quality photography has always been a primary goal, but video action was the niche that we needed here.  I hope you enjoy them and look forward to bringing many more.










Freddie Nation spirit felt on the field

On Thursday night I had the opportunity to sit down with the Captains of the Fredericktown Football Team to talk many topics and these were just a few of their comments.

Over the past nine years solid in covering Fredericktown football for local news outlets there are many things that stand out, but none more than the crowd that our sports bring to the game.  Dubbed over the past several seasons as Freddie Nation by many, it’s a following, an energy, and something that on a Friday night that you can feel throughout the stadium.  That feeling isn’t just recognized in the crowd or outside at the tailgate, it’s a feeling that gets right down to the sideline and into the game.

“I don’t know about everyone else, but when I’m looking up in the stands and I see our parents just as rowdy as we are, that’s awesome,” said Tyler Ruhl.

The intensity can be felt on the sidelines, they see it, hear it, and feel it.  Coming off between plays you can see as they glance to the stands and look around.  With Freddie Nation however, they don’t have far to look as the local crowd is notorious for packing just as many along the fence wherever they go.

“I love seeing all the people standing on the sides, walking around, the bleachers all full and us even crowding around to the visitors side.  Its an awesome feeling,” said Caleb Snyder.

Distance seems to make little to no difference with the Freddies, this year even the crowd for the scrimmage at Rittman on a Saturday afternoon had a significant following that rivaled the closer teams.

“Every time I go out to break through that banner I always like to look at both sides and I just love how even on the away games our side always stands out,” said Colton Lybarger.  “We have so much support from our community that it’s amazing.”

“Busting through that banner and seeing a stadium full of people, theres no greater feeling,” added Austin Hathaway.

Check back next week as we have video coverage of the full locker room interview and more about their exciting season.

Week 10 – NBC 4 Tailgate at Fredericktown

PHOTOS – Utica

Photos from the Fredericktown vs Utica game are now in our online gallery for viewing and purchase.  Remember that we have a variety of QUALITY options to choose from including downloads!  Click the image to visit the gallery.

Lady Freddies downed at OHSAA sectional finals

The Lady Freddies (#11 seed) were knocked out of the sectional final tournament in three, 21-25, 15-25, 19-25, this afternoon against host Columbus Bishop Ready (#4 seed).  The Silver Knights and Freddies traded the lead back and forth the first set tying numerous times late before the Knights could pull ahead with four points to finish the set.

Tied at eight in the second set, the Knights began to edge ahead to take a more confident win with momentum swinging in their favor.

The Freddies started out flat in set three with the Knights being able to pull ahead 10-3 before Fredericktown called a timeout and regrouped.  They started matching Ready score for score and battled it out to the very end.  Fredericktown got within four before the Silver Knights rallied to finish 25-19.

Cassidy Frazier had nine points, four kills, three aces, and eight digs.  Emily Cobb had six points, three kills, two aces, and four digs.  Carolyn Webster had four points, six kills, and five digs.  Julie gable had three points, three kills, one ace, three digs, and one assist.  Adri Long had two points, fourteen assists, one kill, one ace, and eleven digs.  Destiny Clagg had twelve digs and two assists.

Freddies remain undefeated after 48-21 win over Highland

The Fredericktown Freddies are having their best season since 2010 with the 8-0 streak they have accumulated this season and they aren’t finished yet.  Going into Friday night they knew however that records didn’t matter and that the Highland Scots were going to bring everything that they had.  Offensively both teams brought it out from the start.

“They run a wing-t very well, they are well coached, and we knew it was going to be a dogfight,” said Fredericktown Head Coach Brian Baum.  “We were able to weather that there in the first quarter, and then come out in the second, third, and fourth to do what we needed to do to have a victory.”

Fredericktown kept it on the ground for the first drive of the game with Austin Hathaway pounding away with the ball before Tyler Ruhl got the handoff.

Ruhl took two plays and got the scoring off to a start for the Freddies with a nine-yard untouched run up the center.  The Scots had an answer for that on their next drive, finishing in a four-yard jaunt.  It was Hathaway however that found the perfect slot to run through and keep for a 75-yard touchdown run to edge ahead again.

The Scots possession took under three minutes off the clock with some big gains that the defense couldn’t find the right combination to stop, they scored on a four-yard run to tie the game up at seven.

Devin Kessler took the handoff on the first play of their next drive for a short gain, but it was Hathaway who bounced through the holes to sprint for a 75-yard touchdown.

While the Freddies had it going on the offense, it took the defense some time to see, adjust, and make changes to shut down the elusive Scots that matched them score for score in the first twelve minutes.  Once they shut them down, the Scots didn’t find the end zone until the fourth quarter of play while the jayvee were in the game.

“It’s hard to emulate what they (Highland) do in practice.  Whether it’s the size, the way the backs kick out on the fakes, but once we were able to see that in the first quarter we were able to adjust and coach them up from there,” said Coach Baum.

With a strong wind most of Friday, the options in the air were truly limited and risky at times, no worries for the Fredericktown offense who had a more than capable strong stable of backs to go to.  With holes being ripped open by the line and the talent moving across the field, there wasn’t much to slow them down in the second.

Matt Giffin was up next to score for the Freddies as Hathaway reached out to him down the sideline on a 14-yarder to edge ahead.  The offense was in overdrive and cruised through a powerful second quarter.  A momentum swing really happened for the Freddies when Highland had them pinned at the three-yard line and fumbled.  Fredericktown used that turnover well with Hathaway three plays later grabbing a breakaway 83-yard run capped by a two-point conversion to Braxton McQueen.

“It was a fun game, we were able to cause a couple turnovers that were crucial,” said Coach Baum.

Right down to the wire in the first half of the game the Freddie ate away at the time with Hathaway again scoring, this time from six-yards out.  Ruhl capped off the first half score with the conversion to send them to the locker room with a 35-14 lead.

The wind wasn’t the only thing causing some changes Friday night.  With Brayden Mast out this week with a knee injury, Hunter McVay was handling field goals and Stefano Gallo was kicking off.  Wind was playing a key part in burying a few kicks, but Coach Baum didn’t want to take anything away from the more difficult kicks that helped make a difference.

“It was good to see that. I was very impressed with the way he (Gallo) kicked into the wind on the ground with those hard squibs.  Those were excellent kicks, they are hard to field and we were able to pin them deep. So he did a nice job all night for us,” said Coach Baum.

With a strong first half under their belts, both teams had seen some of the best of each other and half time obviously allowed for adjustments in both locker rooms.  The chains moved frequently in the third quarter, but the defenses thwarted each others attack and didn’t break.

“There were things early on that I wanted to finish that we didn’t.  We left a couple points out there on the field tonight,” said Coach Baum.  “I don’t want to take anything away from Highland, they are a well coached and hard nosed team.”

Fredericktown rotated in Dillon Smith in the fourth quarter to get some snaps and slowly rotated the jayvee squad in.  Smith and Ruhl worked the ball, but it was Ruhl who took the handoff for a 13-yard run.  The Freddies followed that score up less than a minute into the Scots next possession.  Trace Young of the Freddies had been keeping a watchful eye as the passing game opened up more.  Perched at the Highland 44, the ball was intercepted by Young who ran it 56-yards to the end zone to finish the Freddies scoring.

“We were on him all week that they were going to throw one over there and they did.  He made a play and he was fast,” said Coach Baum.  “Maybe he should be on the receiving corps the way he took off.”

Hathaway led the game on the ground with 257 yards on 15 carries and three touchdowns, Ruhl had 64-yards on 11 carries with two touchdowns, and Kessler with 30-yards on eight carries.  Hathaway was six-of-fourteen passing for 76-yards and one touchdown.

Fredericktown’s defense was led by Dillon Smith with 18 tackles who caused one fumble, Trace Young with 14 who had a key interception in the fourth quarter, and Colton Lybarger with 12 including one sack.  Tyler Ruhl and Jacob Lloyd had six apiece with Ruhl scooping up a fumble recovery.

The Freddies travel on Friday night to Northmor for week nine of football.